Why a Sewer Inspection Is Critical Before Buying a House

You might ask yourself ” Do I need a sewer camera inspection before buying a house or property?”. The answer should be yes! Sewer inspections expose the problems hiding within sewer lines. Chances are, if your purchasing a home or property in Georgia with originally plumbing dating back to 1960s-1990 you may have one of the following systems. Cast iron, Orangeburg, or terracotta pipe. These different sewage materials have become outdated and problematic especially if they weren’t serviced properly in the past.

With this in consideration you have to ask yourself “Did the previous owner service the drain system properly?”. In most cases the answer is no. This is why sewer inspections before buying property in Georgia is very critical. Certified sewer inspectors will be able to locate any issues that may cause drainage issues or future costly plumbing projects. A drain camera inspection can cost between $200.00 and $400.00, but you cant put a price tag on peace of mind. Also you can bundle hydro jetting with sewage inspections to save money and extend the life of your sewer system.

Suspect a clog? Think roots are to blame? Pipe damage? Don’t guess; get knowledge.

Inspections are excellent insurance for discovering existing and potential problems. Unfortunately, most home inspectors fail to examine the sewer lines, which can turn out to be a critical and costly mistake.

First inspectors might overlook the sewer system for two reasons. One is that the vast majority of a sewer system is underground. It’s out of sight and out of mind. Secondly, most home inspectors don’t have the drain camera or knowledge necessary to do a proper sewer line inspection.

Unfortunately, some inspectors fail to consider the sewer lines as an extension of the plumbing system. That’s when problems begin to back up, so to speak. A serious plumbing backup could happen right after you move into your newly purchased home. Someone has to pay for it, and this is when the finger-pointing starts. However, it could have been totally prevented if only someone thought to have an inexpensive sewer line inspection done